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Millikan Oil Drop Experiment. To elaborate, this chamber contains an atomizer, a. 19 march 2018) the purpose of this experiment is to use millikan’s oil drop apparatus to observe the quantization of the electron charge, and to measure the fundamental charge of the electron e= 1:602 10 19 c.

Millikan Oil Drop Experiment Animation YouTube
Millikan Oil Drop Experiment Animation YouTube from

Millikan and harvey fletcher in 1909 to measure the charge of an electron. This experiment proved to be very crucial in the physics community. Millikan’s oil drop experiment was performed in 1909 by robert millikan and harvey fletcher to discover the charge of an electron.

Millikan Oil Drop Experiment Animation YouTube

Robert andrews millikan was a famous american physicist and was awarded the nobel prize for physics in 1923 for his work on the elementary electronic charge and the. Millikan , who devised a straightforward method of measuring the minute electric charge that is present on many of the droplets in an oil mist. It determined a precise value for the electric charge of the electron, e. They suspended tiny charged droplets of oil between two metal electrodes by balancing downward gravitational force with upward drag and.