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Crispy Chilli Oil. A unique recipe of blended extra virgin olive oil, fresh fried garlic, shallots, and chili peppers. Pour your vegetable oil into a large pan.

Lao Gan Ma Crispy Chilli Oil Heatsupply
Lao Gan Ma Crispy Chilli Oil Heatsupply from

Chilli oil made with flavour. You can make it with pantry staples and it tastes amazing on everything. Check them out to see the different ways.

Lao Gan Ma Crispy Chilli Oil Heatsupply

With a soybean oil base, it’s packed with crispy flakes of dried chilli and onion, and flavoured with fermented soybeans, sichuan pepper, and salt. Made in small batches in melbourne, australia. Add a little extra punch of flavour to your cooking in the time it takes to say hey, that's awesome!. Chili peppers, shallots, garlic, and all sorts of other aromatics jazz up some plain old oil like you’ve never seen it before to make the crispy chili crunch oil you’ll want to put on everything.