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Cottonseed Oil. Even the snack food market thrives on the use of cottonseed oil. Get it as soon as wed, feb 16.

Pure Cottonseed, oil, Vegetable Oil, All
Pure Cottonseed, oil, Vegetable Oil, All from

It is extracted from the cotton plant, or more accurately from the seeds, and is generally used for cooking. It has high content of tocopherols. Made from the seeds of the cotton plant, cottonseed oil is also safe on the skin, often being used in moisturisers and soaps.

Pure Cottonseed, oil, Vegetable Oil, All

Potato chips fried in cottonseed oil have a nutty flavor and are favored by us consumers. The seeds contain about 15% oil. Processing of cottonseed oil involves complete separation of the oil component from protein, and intact bt proteins or genes have not been detected in the meat or milk of stock fed on bt cotton products (castillo et al., 2004). Cottonseed oil quality utilization and processing *partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil (iodine value, approximately 80) **essential fatty acids;